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Docker(strongSwan + MySQL + bitcoin + Spring Boot)

Written on January 2, 2018

I wanted to get some hands-on experience with Docker and Spring Boot, so I built a Spring Boot webapp, and have put together Docker images to tie it together with Bitcoin Core, strongSwan, and a database. Oh, also, it is absolutely no fun trying to choose a VPN service. I’m not aware of any VPN providers that offer certificate-based authentication for IKEv2/IPsec. Given the current transaction fees and confirmation delays with Bitcoin, it would make sense to go with a different cryptocurrency. You can clone the most up-to-date instance of this project here.


There are four Docker containers:


You will need Java, Gradle, and Docker installed.

Set up keystore

sudo apt-get install strongswan (need this for ipsec pki. will move commands to use openssl later)

cd ipsec-pki ; bash -x

Build webapp

./gradlew build buildDocker

Run (this will build the other images)

Make Payment (this uses the regtest network)

Connect bitcoin wallet

bitcoin-qt -datadir=/home/ram/bob-datadir -port=19444 -rpcport=19332 -rpcuser=bob -rpcpassword=bobpass -connect= -regtest -server -listen -debug

Generate block

bitcoin-cli -regtest -rpcport=19332 -rpcuser=bob -rpcpassword=bobpass generate 1