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Switching back to Ubuntu

Written on September 27, 2015

Eight or nine years ago, when I was first getting into Linux, I played around with a few distributions and ultimately ended up settling on Ubuntu. It was simple to install, easy to use, and had good driver support for the laptop I was using at the time.

Then in 2012 things got really bad. Ubuntu decided they were going to (by DEFAULT!) include search results from Amazon when you searched for something on your desktop. What a way to throw trust down the drain. I switched to the stable version of Debian.

I stayed with Debian for a few years but have grown frustrated with the slow package release/update cycle. I’ve recently decided to give Ubuntu another shot. Rather than install the Ubuntu Desktop edition, and go through the trouble of ripping out everything I don’t want (which is a lot), I’ve decided to use Ubuntu Server edition. I’ve thrown together some shell scripts to update the system and install X and a cool tiling window manager (Awesome), as well as install & configure zsh: